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From a local TV reporter - to an award-winning filmmaker (Oberhausen 1970)
From teaching film & TV at a College - to co-hosting a 
network TV show
From hosting a TV show - to hosting Soccer World Cup
From producing hundreds of TV programs - to producing 
a series on Nobel laureates (here with Glenn T. Seaborg)
From producing a Western movie series - to writing
eighteen books

Writer, producer and director of hundreds of TV programs worldwide

Author of about twenty books and thousands of articles

Host of hundreds of TV programs in Europe and the US nationwide

Consultant of dozens of major US and Int'l corporations 

Lecturer of Film & TV Communications at a College (Adj. Prof. position)

Newspaper editor

TV reporter

Former President and Dir. of Programming of EuroChannel Broadcasting

Founder of Aviation Television

Former Director of European syndication for etvHollydoood Inc.

Recipient of the 1st film prize at Oberhausen Short Film Festival 1970