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American values are under attack
Your chances of succeeding dramatically depend on the country you live in, political, social and economic conditions you depend on. Only the US Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee your personal freedoms, liberty, free market economy, and pursuit of happiness without government interference. Only America provides you the perfect conditions to convert your own life vision into your personal "American Dream." Therefore, we must defend our values, freedoms, and our way of life!

What do our social, political, moral, work, and family values teach us? 

1.   Do what you think and think what you do
2.   Always be honest with others and yourself
3.   Always be authentic with no exceptions
4.   Show your love and compassion every single day
5.   Consider all consequences before you act
6.   Follow the Christian worldview
7.   Defend tradition values when confronted with "contemporary values"
8.   Spend quality time with your family without missing your personal interest
9.   Live in accordance with your values, don't just talk about them
10. Treat everybody with compassion and respect 
11. Do your "best" and let God do the rest
12. Always continue to learn
13. Celebrate success
14. Use money to "do" something rather than "buying" something
15. Don't always act on you current moment's feelings
16. Don't be impatient, and don't expect everything to be done immediately
17. See the "big picture" and everything as a whole and disregard minor problems
18. Listen to other people and try to view everything from different angles
19. Evaluate and re-evaluate your strategies carefully
20. Get rid of relationships hurting you and your family

Arm yourself with the necessary knowledge you can find here:

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