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How to get started

You can only achieve your dream if you are appropriately prepared. This includes all necessary information you can get, but the really essential part is your attitude. First of all, find out who you really are. You might be surprised!

1.   Describe your personality in three words
2.   What are the five most dominant interests in your life?
3.   Describe your character with all your virtues, vices, strengths and weaknesses
4.   List four opportunities that opened the door for you and who facilitated them
5.   Which opportunities do you wish to have in the next twelve months?
6.   Who are the people you are mostly dealing with?
7.   What are the greatest joys and challenges dealing with them?
8.   If you have a mentor, describe what your admire in him or her
9.   List the places where you lived and which possibilities did they offer to you
10.  List the most important places where you have traveled and what did each visit teach you?

In order to reach your much needed peace of mind, you must first change your attitude
 (among other things):

1.   Never worry about your self-image and what other people think about you
2.   Celebrate your own uniqueness
3.   Create your own personal environment of peace and freedom
4.   Live now and remember today is tomorrow's memory
5.   Be aware of the most important moment in your life
6.   Slow down and feel what, how and why you are doing something
7.   Be always ready to cope with changes and unpredictable events
8.   Remember that anger and revenge never lead to a solution
9.   Don't stay attached to unimportant things or people
10.  Get spiritual and accept life's challenges
11.  Get involved with something really meaningful to you

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