by Pierre A. Kandorfer, Ph.D.
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Liberals Hijacking America
   Never give up your dream

    1.  Believe in yourself and have faith
    2.  Focus on a positive vision of your life
    3.  Believe in kindness, and your destiny will reward you
    4.  Find out who you really are
    5.  Find your peace of mind
    6.  Find peace with yourself, God, and others
    7.  Find spirituality to overcome a materialistic worldview
    8.  Follow your passion
    9.  Start where you are, who you are, and what you have
    10. You must start dreaming long before your vision can     become a reality
    11. Dream big, the reality will adjust you if necessary
    12. If you can dream it, you can do it
    13. Don't wait, there will never be a "just right" time
    14. Love what you do, and do what you love
    15. Don't ever be ashamed of the pursuit of your happiness
    16. Don't care what other think
    17. Be an "individualist" and never follow "group thinking"     and "collective opinions"
    18. Don't be afraid of a failure
    19. You past failures don't predict your future
    20. Take chances, you don't ever want to regret missing them
    21. Don't focus on what you can't change, do what you can
    22. The only worse thing than failure is not to try
    23. Only persistence and tenacity bring you to the finish line
    24. Even small victories may lead you to a big breakthrough
​    25. Don't ever lose the vision of your goal
    26. Your dream is not a sprint, it's a marathon
    27. Don't want everything to happen "right now"
    28. Don't do everything on the basis of your current emotion
    29. Don't forget, everybody struggles at some point
    30. Check whether you have really tried "everything"
    31. Sometimes you may be closer to your dream than you think
    32. Prove your critics wrong
    33. There always will be doubts, obstacles, and mistakes,     but with hard work there will be no limits
    34. Don't be afraid to accept responsibility
    35. Aim for the moon, but if you miss it you may still hit a star
    36. If you want to reach your dream tomorrow, start acting today
    37. Don't pursue your dreams to impress others
    38. Imagine your life if you gave up dreams
    39. Only the unique US Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee     your personal freedoms and political as well as socio-       economic conditions enabling you to achieve your        personal "American Dream." See my book "Heart and Soul of     
     40. If you give up your dream, your dreams will give up on you
    42. Winners never quit, quitters never win
    43. Never give up
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