by Pierre A. Kandorfer, Ph.D.
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Liberals Hijacking America
Never give up your dream
Attitude is everything
Plan your life
Believe in yourself and have faith
Focus on a positive vision of your life
Believe in kindness
Find out who you really are
Find your peace of mind
Find peace with yourself, God, and others
Find spirituality to overcome materialism
Follow your passion
Start where you are and what you have
The right time is now
Dream big
Don't be afraid of failure
Courage, determination, and tenacity
Love what you do - and do what you love
Be an individualist
Embrace happiness
Don't care what others say
Prove your critics wrong
Make people believe in you
Pursue the American Dream
When you give up on your dream, your dream will give up on you
Winners never quit, quitters never win

You Don't Know Who You Really Are
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The greatest mysteries of all times
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